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Schedule A Recurring Zoom Meeting

Scheduling a recurring meeting allows you to share a single Zoom link with students that they can access each time the class is scheduled to meet virtually.

The video tutorial below walks through the process of scheduling a recurring meeting.

Watch video: Scheduling a Recurring Class Session in Zoom (04:45)


  1. Add meeting topic (class name), time, and duration.
  2. Set the “Recurring” checkbox to weekly, and add the occurrence to match the days and times when the class meets.
  3. Video: set both to on, but consider letting your students know ahead of time that use of video is encouraged for Zoom class sessions.
  4. Audio: almost all students will be joining with computer audio. If a student requests the ability to call in from a phone, you can select “Both.”
  5. Set meeting options.
  6. Add other members of your teaching team as alternative hosts if you want them to be able to start meetings. You can make them co-hosts when the meeting begins.
  7. Save.
  8. Copy invitation to share with students.