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June 8, 2023

Coming this Winter: Canvas Retention Policy

Yanko Michea

Content created in the UW Canvas LMS is retained for five years after the end of the academic year (considered to be June) in which the course section was offered. As this is the first year the policy will be implemented, courses from Autumn 2012 through Spring 2018 will be deleted on December 18, 2023….

Generative AI Conversations

Yanko Michea

The term generative artificial intelligence describes a set of tools using algorithmic “brains” to create new content, including text, image, audio, or video. One of the most popular of these tools is ChatGPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer), an online software tool that can answer any question based on a 4-year-old dataset. This technology has raised many…

Panopto Retention Policy

Yanko Michea

To comply with the University of Washington’s records retention policies — and to adapt to a new Panopto contract that charges for the number of recordings created, archived and stored — UW Information Technology will begin implementing a retention policy for Panopto recordings in June. June 12, 2023: recordings not viewed in the previous 24…

Institutional Research


Greetings from Institutional Research! For those I haven’t met yet, I am the College’s new IR Director. As I continue to acclimate to the College of Education, I’m asking for your patience as I implement systems that will work well for myself and all of you. For data requests, please keep the following in mind…

Google Shared Drive Service Update

Yanko Michea

Great news for people with shared storage needs greater than 100 GB. UW IT  is releasing a new service to replace the old Shared Drive service. This service is called “Google Shared Drive for Google Workspace.” The first 100 GB of storage for each Shared Drive will be subsidized by UW-IT until at least 2025/2026….

DocuSign Pilot

Yanko Michea

Moving DocuSign signed envelopes can be a tedious job, but it is a required step to manage retention policies for this kind of document. We have been working with UW-IT to conduct a pilot service to automate document backup on SharePoint. The service will create a copy of each signed document into a OneDrive folder….

April 21, 2023

College Database Updates 130

Paul Hanisko

November 2022 – April 2023 Applicant Review (Complete) Add styled email template to emails sent from the system. (Complete) Show missing reviewer authorizations. When a reviewer is added to an application or to a committee and they don’t have access to the system a message is displayed next to their name. This message links to…

October 27, 2022

Cole Schoonmaker

Yanko Michea

“Hey everyone, I am originally from Portland Oregon and moved to Seattle about four years ago. I worked for a company as account manager, general helpdesk, and onboarding that provided basically every tool that a school could potentially need (CRM, CMS, SIS) for every department you can think of. Before that I worked at Bertschi…

October 26, 2022

CTL Featured Resources: Accessible Teaching Strategies

Yanko Michea

The Center for Teaching and Learning has published excellent resources for our community! From their website: … accessibility is a mindset and an ongoing process of planning, designing, and adapting our teaching around the needs of our students. While designing accessible, inclusive learning environments is essential for meeting the needs of students with disabilities, doing so…

Updating our College’s Website

Yanko Michea

We are actively working on a new design for our website. With applicants in mind, the new site will improve user experience by streamlining search and intuitive program design and content structure. Our first step was to engage with consultants to conduct user experience analysis, and now we are ready to move forward with design…

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