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Classroom Technology

This page is meant to introduce you to the use of the podium in rooms 104, 112, 212, 320 and 411.

If you are in another classroom, the podium may have a different set-up. If you wish to obtain information for a classroom not listed, please contact:

Classroom Technology & Events

Phone: (206)221-5000 ext. 9


Document Projector


Upon getting behind the podium, you will see two cabinets, one on your left, and one on your right. The one on your right may already be open as it is frequently used.
On top of the podium is a control panel that looks like this:

Podium switch

After hitting the "Power" button on the control panel, it may take a few minutes for the projector lamp to warm up. Please be patient. DO NOT hit the power button multiple times as this may damage the projector lamp.

Blank Feature

If you wish to temporarily stop the projector from projecting, hit the "BLANK" button on the console. This won't affect whatever's going on the computer or your laptop. To have it project again, hit the "HIDE" button once again. It should come back up in a jiffy.


The podium computer is a Apple Mac Mini. If you're uncomfortable using Apple products, please bring your laptop instead or switch to Windows by rebooting the computer and selecting the windows icon when prompted.

Podium computers come with Office 2016 for Mac, VLC media player, and Adobe Reader.


Document Projector

Miller Hall classrooms are equipped with Elmo document projectors. No, it's not red and fuzzy and no, it won't like it if you tickle him… it.

Hit the "DOC CAM" button on the console to switch to projector feed from the document camera


Miller Hall classrooms have VGA and HDMI connectors to connect your computer. There is also a Thunderbolt adapter for Mac devices. Please contact the Help Desk if you think you need a different connector for your presentation.


If you don’t have a laptop and need one, the technology center can help. Submit a reservation request here.


Most PC laptops have an HDMI or VGA port built in which allows you to connect to the projector without an adapter. If your laptop does not have a this kind of port, the help desk may be able to provide an adapter.

Your laptop screen should automatically project upon connection. To change screen mirroring settings, press Win + P and select ‘duplicate’.


If you have a Mac, you will need to buy a mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter or check one out from the help desk. Many classrooms will have adapters you can use, but we can’t guarantee they will be present or working.