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Printing Tips

Sometimes, you need to print a private document, or something you don’t want to stay on a public space for long. If you are a user of one of our UW Managed Ricoh Printers, you have at least 2 ways of holding the printing process until you are by the printer:

  1. Print Hold: The printer will not print your document until you select if at the printer’s control screen. Watch video tutorial
  2. Print Lock: Adds an extra security step, as you can protect the document. Locked print jobs will not print until you type in the correct password. Watch video tutorial

Printer Locations

Location Features
MLR 102B Color, Collate, Staple,
MLR 110 Color, Fax
MLR 115 Color, Fax
MLR 120 B&W, Collate, Stapler, Hole Punch
MLR 122 Color,
MLR 210 Color, Collate, Staple, Fax
MLR 211 Color, Collate, Staple, Fax
Mezzanine M206 Color, Collate, Staple,
MLR 222 Color, Collate, Staple, Fax
MLR 312 Hallway Color, Collate, Staple, Fax
MLR 322 Color, Collate, Staple
MLR 413 Color, Collate, Staple
Gilman Building Color, Fax
Haring Office Color, Collate, Staple, Fax
Haring Kitchen Color, Collate, Staple