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Video Editing Basics

Free Video Editing Software For Windows Computers

The latest versions of Windows come with a free Video Editor. This software will help you to improve your video recording.
You can find it by searching for this icon in your Start Menu, or just by typing Video Editor in the search box.
The following steps will get you started with your new video project:

  1. Start New Project: Once you open the software, click the “New Video Project” button.
  2. Add Clips: You can add new video clips by dragging and dropping them into the project’s library, or by clicking the Add button, and selecting the desired file.
  3. Organize your sequence : Once you add your clips, you can set the right order by dragging them to the timeline below.
  4. Trim Clips: Select one of your clips on the timeline and select “Trim” or “Split” on the timeline’s toolbar. Trimming your video will help you to shorten you video from both ends, trimming the video’s beginning and end. Split will divide your video in two. You can delete or move either of the resulting clips into the desired positions in the sequence.
  5. Finish your Video
    Once you are done editing the video, select the “Finish video” button (top right corner) and change the video quality selection to Medium 720p. Click the “Export” button and select the folder where you want to save the edited clip.