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Video Compression

Sometimes, all you need is to decrease your video’s file size. An open source alternative for this is HandBrake and you can freely download it from their website.

Once you have completed its installation, follow these steps to compress your video:

  1. Windows PC: Once you open HandBrake, you may need to click on the “Open Source” button or just start by drag and drop the file or files you want to compress. If your refer, you can also select the “File” button, and find the desired video to add to you project.
    If you are working on a Mac, the Open Source button will open the file selection menu where you can navigate and select the desired files.
  2. Once the video is open, you can select the “Very fast 720p30” under the Preset>General menu
  3. Edit the file name and desired destination in the Save As area at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select the “Start Encode” button (“Start” on a Mac) to finish the process.