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Recording with Panopto in Miller Classrooms

 Step by Step Guide

Turn on equipment and prepare materials

  1. Push the “ON” button on the podium control panel to turn on the overhead projector (it may take 10 seconds or more).
  2. Wake up the podium computer (hit the spacebar on the keyboard).
  3. Prepare any documents, videos, or browser content that you plan to display on the overhead projector.
  4. Push the “ON” button on the podium control panel to turn on the overhead projector.
  5. Check podium microphone (green light should be on at the base. If not, press the button at base). If using a lapel mic, turn it on and be sure that the podium microphone is off.
  6. Confirm camera angle with the PTZApp (the application in the browser window that launches automatically at log-in).
    • Click the orange Settings button to review the camera angle and make any desired adjustments.

Open Panopto and review settings

  1. Open the Panopto app.
  2. Sign in to Panopto using the Sign In button in the upper right.
  3. Click the Create New Recording
  4. In the Record a Session menu, confirm Primary and Secondary Sources:
    • Video: AVer CAM520 Pro
    • Audio: External Microphone
    • Secondary 1: PS120 (screen capture monitor)
    • Choose a course folder that matches your current class session.
  5. Change recording title as desired, i.e. “10/28/21 Class Session”
  6. If you are presenting a PowerPoint, check the box next to “Record PowerPoint.”
  7. If you are going to play video during class, check “Capture Computer Audio.”

Start your recording

  1. When you are ready to start recording, click the red Record button.
  2. Proceed with your presentation or classroom activities. If you have any private conversations with students, be sure to pause the recording and then resume when you address the whole class again.
  3. At the end of class or your lecture, click “Stop” to stop the recording.

Upload and edit your recording

  1. When the “Recording Complete” menu pops up, add a description (optional) and click “Upload.”
  2. Wait until the recording upload is complete (don’t close Panopto window).
  3. If you want to delay student access to a recording in Canvas until you have time to review and edit the recording, change the availability. *
  4. When you are done using the podium computer, log out.


* From the Manage Recordings menu, click the Share link, navigate to Overview in the left-hand navigation menu, scroll down to Availability, and then set the session available date and time.