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Information and Learning Technologies Team

Located on the 4th floor of the Miller Hall building located on the famous Quad area of UW, the Help Desk IT center provides technical support for the College Education faculty, staff and students year round. We help plan, implement and support the IT infrastructure within    Miller Hall that includes UW provided laptops and desktops for faculty and staff, Ricoh printing and scanning devices, WiFi and ethernet data  connections and data storage and backup solutions.

We are a welcoming team of technology professionals providing the UW College of Education community with expert advice and solutions. We help our college achieve its goals more efficiently, accurately and securely with practical technology and data-driven decision-making.
We aspire to become the expert partner for our community to integrate high quality, secure and accessible technology solutions in academia.

… our mission

We also provide a range of technical services that include the usage of web/video conferencing, video presentations, video editing,  STF  funded computer lab with access to printing system, classroom podiums with built in Windows/MAC computer systems, DVD/VCR,  document and laptop video projection capabilities.

For UW COE employee’s and students, we also offer a 2 week max check out pool of equipment that includes everything from simple mini  display port adapters for MAC computers, all the way up to Mac and PC loaner laptops. Most popular items include small handheld video and  audio recording devices,  web cameras,  video projectors, PowerPoint clickers and Skype microphones. For a full listing of our equipment,  please visit our equipment check out page.