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March 14, 2019

Cycle 96

1/22/2019 – 2/1/2019 Work Complete Hiring (Complete) New header and menu. Move menu button to far left and W logo to far right. This new layout works more intuitively and improves accessibility. (Complete) Allow four decimal places in budget split field. This is the same precision allowed in UW Workday. (Complete) Open approvals can be…

Cycle 95

12/27/2018 – 1/18/2019 Work Complete Applicant Review (Complete) Displays applicant preferred name entered in MyGrad application. (If there is conflicting data from UW Student preferred name and MyGrad Applicant preferred name, student preferred name is displayed.) (Complete) Capture additional fields from MyGrad application into local database. Theses are largely demographic fields to support IR reporting….

Cycle 94

12/10/2018 – 12/21/2018 Work Complete Appreview (Complete) Bookmark note length is extended to 100 characters. When user enters more than 100 characters an error message is displayed warning that their input will be truncated. (Complete) Remove Scholarship review inputs from reviewer recommendation form. Scholarship review is now handled in a separate process and we want…

March 8, 2019

March 2019

COE Drupal editors’ interface was updated with a new, cleaner theme. Fields with a purely administrative function have been hidden from editors to decrease clutter and increase usability. The updated COE Technology center site has been launched. COE Drupal site simplification: Consolidated redundant content types: CME, L4L, EPSC, Smart all now Basic Page content type…

February 20, 2019

February 2019

COE Drupal Added Program Finder to Leadership landing page to COE site Add Faculty Spotlights section to COE site

December 10, 2018

Cycle 93

11/27/2018 – 12/7/2018 Work Complete Hiring (Complete) Add a Workday Revisit Date. HR has the option to add a Revisit date when recording that an appointment request was entered in Workday. When the Revisit date occurs the request returns to the Workday stage in they system and a new notification email is sent. (Complete) System…

November 27, 2018

Cycle 92

11/13/2018 – 11/20/2018 This cycle we did some tuning on the Hiring Database (NARF) in preparation for broader implementation in January. The NARF online web tool will replace the paper NARF and HPR forms for short term hiring requests. Work Complete Courses (Fixed) Fixed Enrollment Threshold emails were not being sent. Fixed system was incorrectly…

November 13, 2018

Cycle 91

10/29/2018 – 11/9/2018 Work Complete Appreview (Fixed) Save and Delete buttons were not being displayed in modal windows in Rubric edit. Person (Complete) Added an authorization request form. This will allow person database to track contacts for person authorization and to more precisely expire authorizations. For now authorization request form will be completed by Paul…

November 2, 2018

Cycle 90

10/15/2018 – 10/26/2018 Work Complete Applicant Review (Complete) Personal application bookmarks can be removed from the bookmark list view. Expanded bookmark note field to 100 characters, automatically truncate longer input. (Fixed) Score counts and averages were not being correctly updated since recent Rubric updates. This showed up as 0 values on the "Enter Decisions using…

October 15, 2018

Cycle 89

9/24/2018 – 10/12/2018 Work Complete Applicant Review (90% Complete) Personal application bookmarks in applicant review allow a reviewer to mark applications they want to return to, optionally adding a short note. (Fixed) Applied rules for which Recommender records (from MyGrad) are shown. Hide "withdrawn" recommendations, show recommendations requested and not yet responded to. (Complete) Administrative tool…

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