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Pre-assign Zoom Breakout Rooms

If your students all have set up their UW Zoom Pro accounts (free to students), then you can pre-assign Zoom breakout rooms when you schedule the class session.

The video tutorial below shows how to pre-assign breakout rooms and how to manage these pre-assigned groups while leading a class session.

Watch video: Pre-assigning Zoom Breakout Rooms (06:05)


  1. Navigate to the Settings area of the Zoom web portal.
  2. Find the “In Meeting (Advanced)” settings.
  3. Check the box titled “Allow host to assign participants to breakout rooms when scheduling” below the “Breakout room” toggle.
  4. Create a meeting.
  5. Under Meeting Options, find the Breakout room pre-assign option and click it.
  6. Click “Create rooms” and use the menu to create breakout rooms and add students to groups.
  7. Use the “Breakout Rooms” button to launch pre-assigned groups while facilitating a live session.
Editing Recurring Meeting

If you are editing a recurring meeting you previously scheduled in Zoom, please remember to select “Edit All Occurrences” from the pop-up message. This will apply your settings to all the instances of this event.