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Configure Course Site Navigation

Set a Course Home Page

The Course Home Page is the page that students will be taken to when they click the Home link in the left-hand course navigation menu. It’s also the first page seen for each course. There are five different options for your course home page: Modules, which displays all modules in the course, Syllabus, which uses the syllabus page as the home page, Course Activity Stream, which shows recent activity in the course, Pages Front Page, which displays a specific page set as the “front page,” or the Assignment List, which shows all upcoming and completed assignments in the course. The default home page setting uses Modules.

All course home page options can display recent announcements at the top of the page. 

Set up Course Navigation

As an instructor, you can control which links appear to students in the left-hand course navigation menu. To learn more about moving or reordering links in the course navigation menu, read this Canvas guide to managing Course Navigation links.