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Remediate Documents

Carly Roberts, Britta Ossim

Here are a few strategies you can use prior to using software to edit PDFs yourself.

Use the web-page version of an article

The html format (web page) can typically be read by screen readers.

  1. To do this, first go to the publisher’s website and locate the article:
  2. Next, look for the “full text” symbol next to the article title:
  3. When you hover your mouse over that symbol, it will read “Full Text.” Click on that icon to be brought to the html version of the full text, which can be read with a screen reader.
  4. Copy the url for the page and provide the link in your syllabus and on the course Canvas webpage. Students will need to log in to UW libraries to access the html full text version.
  5. Note: Not all publishers have a full text html version available and where it is located may look different journal to journal. You may have to do a little exploring to find it, but if you can find it, it eliminates the pdf issue

Reach out to the UW Libraries Accessibility Coordinator

Not all publishers have a full text html version of articles available. If you can’t find an accessible version of an article you are looking for, you can reach out to the UW Libraries has an Accessibility Coordinator for IT Services & Digital Strategies, Andy Andrews. He can address accessibility issues related to articles received from UW Libraries. Contact:

Reach out to DoIT for pdf remediation

If you are only able to locate a pdf of an article, you can submit to DoIT Accessible Technology services for PDF Document Remediation. The turnaround time depends on time of quarter and demand, but if you have questions, you can contact Gaby De Jongh (