Technology Center

March 14, 2019

Cycle 96

1/22/2019 – 2/1/2019

Work Complete


  • (Complete) New header and menu. Move menu button to far left and W logo to far right. This new layout works more intuitively and improves accessibility.
  • (Complete) Allow four decimal places in budget split field. This is the same precision allowed in UW Workday.
  • (Complete) Open approvals can be deleted. If a user requests an approval and then decides that approval request was a mistake, they can “Cancel” the approval request. Approvals can be canceled by the user who requested it or by a user with admin role. Approvals that have been responded to cannot be canceled. Approvals that are automatically generated by the system (HR and Budget approvals) cannot be canceled. Canceling a Department approval un-submits the request.
  • (Complete) Added Bookmarks to NARF. Users can bookmark appointment requests they are interested in tracking, there is a bookmark widget at the top of the appointment detail page. Click start to bookmark, click text to add a note. Bookmark page shows a user’s personal bookmarks. System automatically adds bookmarks for a user when they submit an appointment request or provide Department approval.
  • (Fixed) Workday and Letter dates would always save as today’s date. This is fixed, when user enters a different date it is saved and displayed as the date appointment was entered in Workday.
  • (Complete) The home page has a table-of-content shortcut bar when the home page includes three or more workflow based sections. For example the TOC links would let the user quickly scroll to the Workday section. These TOC links are generally displayed for back-office user roles who have many workflow sections on their home page.
  • (Complete) The home page sections based on steps in workflow can be collapsed to hide various tables.


  • (Complete) Data source name weights respected for Legal Name field. Our college databases update from many sources which sometimes provide conflicting name information. We handle this by giving data sources name weights and only change a local person name from sources with greater weight. We are now receiving both preferred names and legal names from multiple sources so this existing name weight logic had to apply to the Legal Name field.