Technology Center

March 14, 2019

Cycle 95

12/27/2018 – 1/18/2019

Work Complete

Applicant Review

  • (Complete) Displays applicant preferred name entered in MyGrad application. (If there is conflicting data from UW Student preferred name and MyGrad Applicant preferred name, student preferred name is displayed.)
  • (Complete) Capture additional fields from MyGrad application into local database. Theses are largely demographic fields to support IR reporting.
  • (Complete) Added Transcript Review report. This is a workflow report for student services. It lists applications that have one or more transcripts where the OSS evaluation of degree and GPA have not yet been entered.


  • (Complete) Refine download for faculty activity report. Be more explicit about projected and actual enrollment numbers and SCH allocation.


  • (Fixed) It was possible to submit Department Approval form after request had been canceled.
  • (Complete) Revised HR Review screen to add view of fields that need to be referenced during that process.
  • (Fixed) UW Student numbers can now be searched from the worker form using leading zero padding.
  • (Fixed) Now able to set a preferred contact email for a worker record. System was keeping email from shared person data over user input.
  • (Fixed) Same course release records were being displayed for current academic year and next academic year.
  • (Fixed) Added JavaScript polyfills to keep application compatible with IE11.

Test Scores

  • (Fixed) NES test scores displayed in Applicant Review did not include “NES” in their description.


  • (Complete) Set up work queues for “educ” project. This is a system for handling long-running or brittle tasks asynchronously from web requests. Improves user experience and stability of system. Setup includes management software on server to keep alive worker processes.
  • (Complete) Set up system to work with external error reporting API.
  • (Complete) Removed project requirements for Excel sheet reader. This is no longer used after recent test score import revision.