Technology Center

March 14, 2019

Cycle 94

12/10/2018 – 12/21/2018

Work Complete


  • (Complete) Bookmark note length is extended to 100 characters. When user enters more than 100 characters an error message is displayed warning that their input will be truncated.
  • (Complete) Remove Scholarship review inputs from reviewer recommendation form. Scholarship review is now handled in a separate process and we want reviewer interface simplified to necessary fields.
  • (Complete) Always use application email when communicating with applicant. 99% of the time this is what happened, but in the rare case where a person was a COE Student before they were a COE Applicant and they stopped using their UW email address, email could go to the wrong address.


  • (Complete) Remove outdated options from room needs inputs. These options have less meaning than they once did and may have slowed room assignment when sent to Registrar.


  • (Fixed) Notes were not showing in the Hours & Pay section of the appointment detail page.
  • (Fixed) Add Note button was available for new Course records, but not while editing existing courses.
  • (Complete) Refactored Courses tool to use same structure and shared components from Hours & Pay tool and Budgets tool. When request has 0 courses, course add form is activated automatically.
  • (Fixed) Adding an ad-hoc request for “Fiscal” approval moves the entire appointment request back to the “Fiscal” stage.
  • (Complete) Added search links by worker and course to the college’s Student and Courses databases.
  • (Complete) HR Review form has “Approve” as default choice in Approval input. User needs to change option to Send-Back or defer response.
  • (Complete) Letter stage is used or not based on Position type configuration. New “Position Types” configuration is available to users with admin role. Users can set Letter to Yes/No to use or skip the Send Letter stage. All Position types with “fixed-fee” pay have been set to Letter = No.
  • (Fixed) Person merge strategy was too cautious when records had match in one ID field, but another ID field was blank. Now system will merge { uwnetid: xyz, studentno: 12345 } with { uwnetid: xyz, studentno: null }.
  • (Complete) Added a fluent test rigging system for request staging. This new interface allows unit test setup to be concise and descriptive.
  • (Fixed) Editing help message for positions was clearing their boolean settings. This bug is fixed and configuration is corrected in all environments.


  • (Complete) Extend year options for report filters. This range was determined automatically, but toward the end of a calendar year the upcoming year is of interest. Starting September 1, the system makes sure that the upcoming year is an option in the filter list.

Test Scores

  • (Complete) Implement native file import for Pearson test scores (edTPA, NES, WEST-B, WEST-E). This tool allows for upload and preview through the web interfaces and substantially reduces test score load times.
  • (Complete) Test scores are matched to college database persons (students or applicants) when the test score is loaded instead of during a separate process. Separate match routine had the benefit of rechecking scores for new matches, but takes substantial amount of time to run.
  • (Complete) Verify that all Pearson test scores properly capture Pass/Fail evaluation with specific scores.


  • (Published 1.0) Added a shared utility library “ImportKit”. This library provides tooling for stream reading, record extraction, and value parsing strategies.