Technology Center

March 14, 2019

Cycle 97

2/4/2019 – 2/15/2019

Work Complete


  • Changed the definition of “Evening Class” to courses that start at 4:30 PM or later for the meeting view report. The hover title on that report shows actual meeting times.


  • (Complete) Once a request gets Department Approval changes must be submitted through HR contact. This will ensure that changes are properly communicated and any re-approvals requested.
  • (Complete) “Ask for Change” button supports this new workflow. Ask for Change is just a customized Approval Request that gets routed to the correct HR reviewer.
  • (Complete) Sent-Back feature has been simplified. A Sent-Back request goes back to the Requesting Phase where the original requester can edit the form. Once the request has been updated they will submit it back for Department Approval.


  • (Complete) Fixed issue causing extra generated placements. Student database generates placements implied by student’s enrollment in specific courses. When the placement was an Academic Year placement and the student enrolled in triggering courses in multiple quarters duplicate placements were created.