Technology Center

November 27, 2018

Cycle 92

11/13/2018 – 11/20/2018

This cycle we did some tuning on the Hiring Database (NARF) in preparation for broader implementation in January. The NARF online web tool will replace the paper NARF and HPR forms for short term hiring requests.

Work Complete


  • (Fixed) Fixed Enrollment Threshold emails were not being sent. Fixed system was incorrectly calcuating URLs when run in an offline maintenance batch process.


  • (Complete) Converted compensation fields to large text field. This will allow requester more flexibility in describing specific situation and needs. There are now two compensation text fields. "Compensation Details" is filled out by the initial requester using the initial Hours & Pay form. "Compensation HR" is a second text field for the formal instructions entered on the HR Review form.
  • (Complete) Built an appointment request workflow progress bar that shows the required steps and current location in the process. User can click the workflow to return to a previous step.
  • (Complete) After entering an approval return to the home screen, list view. A flash message is displayed at top of page saying "You have Approved Worker Name – Job Title" which is also a link back to the appointment request detail page.
  • (Complete) Changed course entry tool to further filter course list as user types course number. Removed the separate tabs for "Edit" and "Choose Course".
  • (Complete) Removed the separate tab for "Choose Quarters" in the Hours & Pay form. Quarter dates are displayed directly beneath Start and End fields and can be clicked to choose those dates.
  • (Complete) Add search links that look for a worker in the college's Courses and Student database. Search links are displayed at potentially useful points in process (worker screen, student info screen, course entry screen).
  • (Fixed) Person suggestions include any COE persons with UW NetID. (Case where Haring Center employee was not included in suggestions is fixed.)
  • (Fixed) Fixed typing in end date caused start date to erase.
  • (Complete) Changed "One-Time" label to "Fixed-Fee".
  • (Complete) Changed button name from "+ Approval" to "Request Approval".
  • (Complete) Changed single "Respond" button in Approval list to "Approve" and "Send Back". These buttons have icons and "Approve" button has primary highlight color to better draw attention.
  • (Complete) Added Special Pay Earn Types ADS and ENS to option list.
  • (Fixed) Fixed calendar widget broke after viewing choose quarters tab.
  • (Complete) Added position "Faculty: Program".
  • (Fixed) Fixed bug where sending-forward an approval that was sent-back from HR step caused the original HR approval to lose its response status.
  • (Fixed) Fixed email from production environment.