Technology Center

December 10, 2018

Cycle 93

11/27/2018 – 12/7/2018

Work Complete


  • (Complete) Add a Workday Revisit Date. HR has the option to add a Revisit date when recording that an appointment request was entered in Workday. When the Revisit date occurs the request returns to the Workday stage in they system and a new notification email is sent.
  • (Complete) System displays configured help text on Compensation Details field for each Position type. The help text is editable by HR team through web UI settings.
  • (Complete) System will request at least one fiscal approval, even if no budgets are added by original requester. The default budget approver is configured in settings.
  • (Complete) Budget and Hours & Pay period edit tools are updated to prevent “Continuing” when an edit was in process. Previously it was possible to start adding or editing a budget, period, or note and click the “Continue” button to move to the next step, which would lose any unsaved changes.
  • (Complete) Appointment request tables on home page are sortable by clicking column headings.


  • (Complete) Added links to the request authorization form.
  • (Fixed) Previous positions imported nightly from EDW were generating duplicate records with each update. Resolved matching bug and cleaned out bad records.


  • (Fixed) Check for missing “issued_year” field in certification data. This field is automatically calculated based on certificate issued date. Verifying that previous fix was successful.