Technology Center

November 13, 2018

Cycle 91

10/29/2018 – 11/9/2018

Work Complete


  • (Fixed) Save and Delete buttons were not being displayed in modal windows in Rubric edit.


  • (Complete) Added an authorization request form. This will allow person database to track contacts for person authorization and to more precisely expire authorizations. For now authorization request form will be completed by Paul based on Help Desk Tickets or email requests.
  • (Complete) Authorization links to other college databases updated and enhanced. Links provide person name and NetID to help keep multiple database user list consistent.
  • (Complete) Authorization Audit tool provides view of both Workday and HEPPS appointment history which helps make faster and more accurate authorization decisions.
  • (Complete) Built new person duplicate record detection and merging tools. Was able to merge out ~2,000 duplicate records which improves accuracy and simplifies person picker tools.
  • (Complete) COE Person Appointment records now have ECS Code and Job Class Code in local records. This supports additional reporting and employee grouping needs.
  • (Complete) COE Person Appointment records now have end dates. This required changing data source from current appointments source (ODS) to the historical appointment source (HumanResources).
  • (Complete) Final clean-out of old student database (STEP) authorization records from Person reporting. Make sure all views are displaying authorizations in new Student database.

NARF (Hiring)

  • (Complete) Display message in budget tool when no appointment period has been created. Budget periods must match the appointment period, so at least one appointment period must be created before budgets can be entered.
  • (Fixed) Overlapping appointment request for current worker was not being displayed.


  • (Complete) Revise authorization tool to accept person database link and provide clearer descriptions of user roles. Remove unauthorized records from user list.


  • (Complete) Updated Certificates Issued report to have CSV download, display record count at top, and provide access to SQL debug view for authorized users.
  • (Fixed) Fix a bug in the RegID change detection routine.