Technology Center

November 2, 2018

Cycle 90

10/15/2018 – 10/26/2018

Work Complete

Applicant Review

  • (Complete) Personal application bookmarks can be removed from the bookmark list view. Expanded bookmark note field to 100 characters, automatically truncate longer input.
  • (Fixed) Score counts and averages were not being correctly updated since recent Rubric updates. This showed up as 0 values on the "Enter Decisions using Scores" page. Problem is fixed and summaries have been regenerated.


  • (Complete) Removed legacy JavaScript library Prototype.js and replaced all client side application with equivalent jQuery based components. This resolved a couple broken features including bulk email tool and database switch menu.
  • (Complete) Rework the interest list selection tool in the About Yourself form to make it more navigable and work better on mobile. Original implementation was built for desktop screens and mouse with hover implementation for blurbs about programs. New version makes entire tree collapsible and shows program blurbs inline on page on click / touch.


  • (Complete) Create an import process for certification data from OSPI download. This tool existed for same data from a different channel with substantially different layout. New feature converts 2018 file to 2017 format and then utilizes the 2017 import process.


  • (25% complete) Added developer debug view to reports in Applicant Review and Student. This surfaces the built database query that provided data to a web view. The tool needs to be included in report page views so this will be an ongoing process to update existing report pages.