Technology Center

July 30, 2018

Cycle 84

July 16, 2018 through July 27, 2018

Work Planned

My next major project this summer will be revisiting the Rubric tool in Applicant Review. My goal is to make the tool easier to use and to provide ability to export applicant score data. If you have ideas or questions about Rubrics in Applicant Review, now is a great time to talk to Paul (

Work Complete


I am going to stop playing out Zeno's Paradoxes with my percent estimation and say we are near to release on the Hiring database. We are continuing to refine the system and locate and resolve bugs.

  • Worker form chooses best change based on user input. When a user "edits" the worker on an appointment request their intent could be one of two things: 1. Add or correct information about person who is current worker, or 2. Choose a new person to be the worker for the request. Previously the system asked for intent, but that was confusing and brittle. The new system reviews user input and decides if this is a small safe change (edit person) or substantially different (pick a new worker).
  • Add About page and per-page help and explanation.
  • Fixed worker form validation. First name is required, now indicated. UW NetIDs are validated.
  • Updated the user management tool for system roles blueform:hr and blueform:fiscal.
  • Sends email notifications for Workday and Letter stages. These notifications go to email addresses configurable in settings.
  • Fixed phrase "Needs Entry in Workday".
  • Added PCA Code field to budgets.
  • Validates date ranges that start is before end date.
  • Home page workflow sections (Needs HR Approval, Needs Fiscal Approval, Needs Entry in Workday, Needs Letter Sent) are displayed separately, only to users who's role allow them to handle to these stages.
  • Added "Your Creating" section to home page. When a user starts a new appointment request, but has not submitted it for Department Approval it will be listed first on the home page to help get back on track.
  • Support Internet Explorer 11.
  • Added CSS style to Budget and Hours & Pay tools to help indicate you can click to edit these table rows.
  • Reworked the "Choose Quarter" tool in Hours & Pay. Instead of choosing quarter from menu quarters are displayed in a table with the relevant start and end dates making it more transparent what result you will get when you click.
  • Approvals section is not displayed until the request is submitted for Department Approval.


  • (Complete) Improvements to Tracked Issue resolution. Tracked Issues provide a record of student issues that need attention or resolution. The system automatically creates Tracked Issues for X grades and then automatically resolves those issues when a grade is submitted. We added logic so X grades won't be resolved by blank grades (an occasional anomoly in UW data) and when X grade is replaced with a low grade a new Tracked Issue for the low grade is created.
  • (Fixed) Form for Add Placement had a bug.
  • (Fixed) Form for Add a Complete record was broken.