Technology Center

July 18, 2018

Cycle 83

July 7 – July 13, 2018

Work Complete


  • (Fixed) Needs Advisor list was not displaying the newly selected advisor on the table view after user submitted form.


  • (Fixed) Edge case where the instructor summary (shown on offering list table views) was not updating correctly.

Hiring Database

Hiring database 95% ready for release. We continue to push toward the finish line. We had another instructive group exercise of the system that helped clarify our path toward release. Here's what has been updated in the last two weeks.

  • Major review of authorization levels. Many user actions were prototyped with open authorization. Review various actions (e.g. cancel a request, approve on behalf) and implement authorization tests.
  • Appointment requests are locked from editing when they are "Entered in Workday" or canceled.
  • Approval records now store date when a notification was sent. System will not send multiple email notifications about the same Approval.
  • Approve / Sent Back options changed from big buttons to checkbox options. The buttons confused the interface, it seemed like pressing them should commit the approval.
  • Approval option on HR form updated for Approve / Sent Back options. Currently this form stores the HR Review input then routes the user to Approval form.
  • If a note is edited after it is intially posted system shows the edit and who changed it.
  • Fixed placeholder values on specific Worker page. Now shows current & upcoming appointment requests and has second table for historical appointment requests.
  • Implemented Approver role. This is base read-only role that can respond to Approvals asked of them. When an authorized user adds an Approval Request, if the requested Approver is not a current Hiring database user and they are a current user of another college database (Student, Appreview, Budget, etc) they are automatically added as user to Hiring Database.
  • Fixed position form, supervisor input. It now properly keeps selected supervisor value after that text input loses focus.
  • Authorization log added. This records when users are added (by a admin user or via Approval) or authorization changed.
  • Email notification for Needs HR Approval. This email is sent to an email address configured in system settings.
  • Fixed adding new approval with no approver selected errored out, now has proper form validation.
  • Seach page has help text for the hiring database.


  • (Fixed) Removed references to the old student database STEP.


  • (In Testing) Upgraded the EDUC project to Laravel 5.6.