Technology Center

July 2, 2018

Cycle 82

6/18/2018 – 6/29/2018

Work Complete


The new Hiring database looks about 90% ready for release. The last major features (email, search, respond on behalf) were implemented this cycle and I am working through refinement and bugs.

  • Search is implemented. Search is accessible from any page by clicking magnifying glass icon. Search tool does keyword search for Workers, Budgets, and Courses.
  • Email notification system implemented. An email notification is sent to a user when they are asked for approval on an appointment request. Original submitter gets an email notification if their appointment request is "Sent Back". (Currently on test server email messages are being routed through a test environment so we don't spam actual people. Ask Paul if you'd like to review the email messages.)
  • Users with the correct permissions may respond on behalf of the original responder requested in an approval. For example if an Approval was requested from Albert, but he is not available, Beth (who has the HR role) could enter a response, the Approval record would then be displayed as "Beth Approved on behalf of Albert".
  • Stages page shows an overview of the implemented approval workflow in Hiring database along with a count of appointment requests currently at each stage. Clicking the stage allows a user to see all requests in that stage (example: all requests that Need HR Approval).
  • (Fixed) Course suggestion tool was not finding EDC&I courses.
  • Added down arrow icon to the "Needs Your Attention" banner to better direct user's attention.
  • Added ability to edit worker contact information. Changes to a Worker record are logged, but worker log not yet visible in web UI.
  • Added ability to pick a new worker for the appointment request. Changed Worker is logged in Appointment log.
  • The new Hours & Pay tool is now used for the initial appointment period as well as for added periods and edits.
  • Worker suggestor now suggests from both known COE people (college staff, students) and from previously created Worker records.
  • Reworked date synchronization. An appointment request has Hours & Pay periods which have dates, Courses which have dates, and Budgets which have dates. Previously if a user created Hours & Pay period, then added budgets, then changed Hours & Pay periods dates would get out of sync. New system has more robust date synchronization and responds well regardless of what order child records are added or changed.
  • (Fixed) Position form has the filter questions Student? and Course? correctly populated when a Position Type is already selected.
  • Authorization is checked for editing notes. Notes on an appointment request can be edited by the user who created them or by users with Admin role in the system.
  • (Fixed) Person suggestion tool was returning partial person records from other college databases. Now, in the hiring database, it will only suggest persons with UW NetID and who have current authorization in one or more college databases.


  • Nightly student update modified to detect students coming in to COE majors as early as possible. UW data generates student's registration records for a given quarter some time before creating student's major records. In order to get current COE students as soon as they register and new COE students as soon as their new Major is recorded we need to use multiple update strategies.