Technology Center

June 18, 2018

Cycle 81

June 4 – June 15, 2018

Work Complete


  • (Feature complete) Course number filter (400 level or below, 500 level or above) is now a standard filter available on most reports in the system.
  • (Fixed) Resolved starting edit on multiple rows in hiring report could update wrong record.
  • (Fixed) Hiring report filters out canceled sections, canceled bug is displayed on report.


85% toward initial production launch. We continue to make progress on the new Hiring database. As more users are testing the system we've added pre-launch requirements. We are planning a hands on, group demo and exercise in the coming week.

  • Reworked approvals for "Sent Back". Previously we had "Deny" and "Don't Respond" options on approvals, but didn't have a workflow for dealing with those, those responses have been removed. Approvers now have the option to "Send Back" an approval request. This pushes responsibility for responding to the "Sent Back" addressee, generally the original requester.
  • Reworked "Hours & Pay" input to be more dynamic allowing user to view table of Hours & Pay periods and to edit that table within a single view. Hours & Pay tool is added to the HR Review form. Hours & Pay overall tool includes Add Note form.
  • Reworked Position form and Worker Status form. Put these fields into better order. Moved worker status (new hire, rehire, current) to the Position form, which leaves only student related fields on "Worker Status" so renamed this form and views to "Student Status". Fixed using back-button to Position form created additional requests.
  • Added Special Pay Earn Type fields to HR Review.
  • An appointment request can be canceled. Canceled banner appears at top of canceled request.
  • Corrected one-time fee amount field missing.
  • Changed "Done" buttons on course, periods, budgets edit tools to "Continue".
  • Moved "Submit" button to the bottom of the appointment request detail page. When the appointment request still needs to be submitted for department approval there is also a banner at the top indicating action is needed.
  • Added banner for "Needs Your Response" when the current user has been asked for approval on current appointment request.
  • Restyled "Respond" buttons in Approvals section so they are more visible.
  • Changed salary fields to "Full Time Monthly Rate", "FTE", and "Actual Monthly Rate".
  • Added system Settings that can be edited by authorized users through web UI. Initial settings for default hourly pay rate and budget biennium.
  • Approvals generated by budgets are requested of the specific fiscal manage contact from the budgets database.