Technology Center

June 4, 2018

Cycle 80

May 21, 2018 through June 1, 2018

Work Complete


  • (Feature complete) Include COE Summer academic org code to budget query. Our local budget tracking database pulls COE budgets from UW institutional data based on UW Organizational Codes. We were missing 3 budgets that UW organizes under a central Org Code for State/Seattle-Campus courses (TEP) offered in the Summer.


  • (Fixed) Report with filter by "Voting Faculty". This was attempting to capture instructor status at time of course offering, but that data is not consistently available. This now filters on person's current appointment status so report filter is consistent with "Voting Faculty" list.
  • (Fixed) Credit distribution views (in Faculty Activity report and Merit report) did not handle sections missing SCH (this situation comes up for future independent study sections).
  • (Feature complete) Added reports for hiring feature including: "Hiring Forms" (positions that need an HR/P form completed), "Enrollment Thresholds" (course offerings that have an Enrollment Threshold added), and "Reader/Grader Hours" (list of reader grader positions and the expected weekly hours).
  • (Initial release complete) Hiring feature is deployed to production.
  • (Feature complete) Support staff positions are no longer cloned when creating a new planned offering as a copy of a previous offering.
  • (Fixed) Additional work on logging of changes to instructional staff. Found a condition where replacing one person with another generated confusing log message.


Overall 80% Complete, targeting initial launch 2018 Summer (2 work weeks remaining).

  • Added course entry tool. When a user is entering courses related to an appointment request they are prompted with a list of planned offerings from the college Courses database. Selecting an existing course accepts that course's courses number, section, title, credits, and PCE/Seattle-campus offered through values. Planned course list is presented in a tab, user can go back to the "Edit Course" tab to enter their own values for these fields.
  • "Who Am I" tool allows a developer to alias self as another user. This is useful for testing authorization and testing workflows and personal views.
  • Home page of Hiring database now highlights appointment requests important to the current user including: Needs current user's approval, needs a HR or fiscal approval that current worker can provide, requests started by the current user, general recently submittted requests.
  • Add application level menu in the header.
  • Add logging for Entered in Workday and Letter Sent stages. These steps now display who completed the step and when. The completed status can be cleared by deleting the date. Changes to these values are included in the log.
  • Reworked budget entry tool to make its behavior clearer and fix some bugs. Version 1 of this attempted to embed the interactive form as a row in a table, but this was not clear what was a saved change and what was uncommitted. Broke the add/edit tool out into a separate clear form. Fixed able to manually enter a budget not in the suggestion list. Fixed default splits sometimes negative number.
  • Fixed a bug in the split appointment period form. Also converted to use the "split input" that previews new dates for the new periods.