Technology Center

May 21, 2018

Cycle 79

May 7, 2018 – May 18, 2018

Work Complete


(New feature 90% complete) Continue work on Hiring notes in Courses database. Still wrapping up hiring reports.

  • Reworked Hiring tab to make the section more readable, highlight content and de-emphasize UI. Put content in priority order. Remove extraneous text and lines. Better buttons. Better use of whitespace. 
  • Instructional staff can be edited from Hiring tab as well as from "Intructional Staff" tab.
  • Fixed display of other email addresses when adding an enrollment threshold.
  • (Fix complete) fixed the button "Add Offering" in the Future tab.


Overall 70% Complete, targeting initial launch 2018 Summer (4 work weeks remaining).

  • Better default values when adding budget splits, defaults to 100% on first budget or remaining percentage when adding additional budgets.
  • Fixed budget typeahead value could not be selected using mouse.
  • Fixed HR sticker form displayed "NaN" in supervisory org code.
  • HR staff can add approval while filling out HR sticker form.
  • Appointment header is a link that takes user back to appointment detail page.
  • Change log implemented. System generates detailed log of changes to an appointment request starting when the appointment request is submitted for department approval.


  • (Fix complete) Updated IR contact information.