Technology Center

May 7, 2018

Cycle 78

4/23/2018 – 5/4/2018

Work Complete


(New feature 85% complete) Continue work on Hiring notes in Courses database. Reviewed work so far with Undergrad team. Finishing up report components and plan to make live this work cycle.

  • Enrollment notifications now trigger emails during nightly maintenance.


Overall 60% Complete, targeting initial launch 2018 Summer (5 work weeks remaining).

  • Budget lookup suggests budgets during data entry from numbers or names.
  • HR sticker fields implemented. During NARF, HPR processing HR adds a sticker to the form that annotates the form with instructions for entry in Workday. The fields on the sticker are implemented in Hiring database. The form in the system has helpers that provide similar data entry shortcuts to the physical sticker.
  • Approvals are formatted so that resolved approvals (someone responded) display at the bottom of the list in a brief collapsed format. Pending approvals (that still need response) display at top in a expanded view. Both can be clicked to toggle between expanded / collapsed views.
  • Section level notes (Course note, Period note, Budget note) are stored in the database with general (Appointment) notes, but have metadata allowing them to be displayed in their section. Section notes styled to take up less space, but be very visible, Post-It note themed.
  • Tools to mark the steps "Entered in Workday" and "Letter Sent" complete. Marking these items complete advances the Appointment workflow stage. (Right now these steps display a dummy message, when we implement the full logging system this will support showing who completed the step and when.)


  • (Feature complete) Tool to import placement records from a spreadsheet. Imported ECO internship information.
  • (Feature complete) Institution select input implemented as a typeahead. User begins typing and similar options are suggested. The institution select list was far too long and similar options could be far away from each other in an alphabetic sort. New input will be easier to use and reduce record duplication.
  • (Feature complete) Reviewed edit tool for Placement Mentors to allow for WA state certficate number entry. Use new institution typeahead on Mentor edit.


  • (Feature complete) Extracted COE enhancements to Twitter Typeahead component from the subject specific PersonTypeahead to a general layer that can be reused for multiple subjects.
  • (80% complete) Implemented Typeahead in VueJS while continuing to use the powerful Twitter Bloodhound search engine. VueJS is a modern library that allows us to build more sophisticate user interface. Twitter's Typeahead is a jQuery plugin that works great on a single static input, but doesn't integrate well with highly dynamic VueJS components. (Still needs work on mouse input.)