Technology Center

April 23, 2018

Cycle 77

4/9/2018 – 4/20/2018

Work Complete


(New feature 75% complete) Hiring notes in Courses database will allow administrative staff and program leads to store information related to future hires. The scope of the Courses Hiring feature will be pre-planning and organizing, before things are settled enough to fill out an HRP form. 

Following components of Hiring notes are on the test server and will go to production when the full feature is complete.

  • Placeholder TBD person for reader/grader. Allows staff to indicate that a course will have a reader/grader without knowing specifically who that person is.
  • New tab on course offering detail page for "Hiring". This tab is only displayed for users with role in hiring process.
  • Ability to note that an HRP form was submitted for a short term course related hire.
  • Ability to add notes about the budgets used for short term hiring related to a course.
  • Ability to enter enrollment thresholds. When an offering's enrollment meets this threshold an email notification will be sent to the specified address. This will support hiring processes that have minimum required enrollment level, e.g. hire a TA or reader/grader. (Email notification is not yet implemented.)


Overall 50% Complete, targeting initial launch 2018 Summer.

  • Budget editing component. This tool allows entry of complex budget allocations for a short term appointment. Appointment cost can be split across multiple budgets by varying percentage. Budget allocation can change over time.
  • Position attributes added that control what inputs a users needs to complete and provide sensible default values. This added more position options to the system, for example "Student: Hourly" was split into "Student: Hourly" and "Student: Work Study". To keep the position list useful, UI was updated to include filter questions "Is this a Student employee?" and "Is the position Course related?" Answers to those questions result in a shorter list of Position options presented to the user.
  • Approval routing implemented. This provides staged review and handling of appointment requests. The standard approval workflow includes: Department Approval, HR Approval, Fiscal Approval, Entry in Workday, Letter Sent. Additionally Ad-Hoc approvals can be requested. After any approval is provided the system examines the overall request, figures out what stage it is at, and generates the next required set of approvals.