Technology Center

April 9, 2018

Cycle 76

3/26/2018 – 4/6/2018

Work Complete


  • (Complete) Updated applicant intent for new Grad School coding when applicant responds "Decline Confirmed".


  • (Complete) Fixed a logging issue where adding staff to an offering logged as "Removed John Smith as instructor. Added John Smith as instructor."


  • (Complete) Check up on grants data updates. This data feeds into the Faculty Merit Data tool.

Hiring Database

Overall 40% Complete, targeting initial launch 2018 Summer.

  • Better date picker. Switched the calendar style date selector. New tool has better ability to quickly jump to months and years.
  • Restructure periods so that they are not absolutely linked to quarter payroll dates. Period start and end can be set to any date. Removed "linked" period concept. Instead system generates single appointment period and allows user to "split" the period if that is needed (for varying hours or pay).
  • Appointment record has start and end date that are automatically updated based on early and late limits of any of the appointment's periods. Overlapping requests (same working, overlapping time period) are now indicated at the appointment request level.
  • Position types created. This allowed a lot of code logic to be moved to system configuration making the system easier to manage.
  • Course entry is now only prompted for when the appointments position type is course related. When courses are added an appointment period is either created or expanded to include the course's quarter payroll dates.
  • (Feature 60% complete) Budgets model built out to capture start and end dates of budget allocation period and % split between multiple budgets. Building an input tool to make entering this information clearer.