Technology Center

August 13, 2018

Cycle 85

Jul 30 – Aug 10, 2018

Work Complete


  • (Complete) Show both actual enrollment and projected enrollment on all offerings. Previously the system looked at time period and showed projected enrollments for future offerings and actual for past. There are workflows where seeing either and comparing the values is interesting. This view also makes the system representation more transparent.


The NARF (hiring database) is ready for launch. Business owners have chosen Winter 2019 as the rollout. This will allow us to launch the new system and new college workflows during a calmer part of the academic year. The system is available on the test server in the meantime, contact Paul if you would like to learn more.

  • Renamed to "NARF". Business owners have named this system the NARF: New Appointment Request Form. This will be the databases URL path when deployed:
  • Link to Courses database. When an appointment request is at the "Needs Department Approval" stage a link is provided for each course to the Courses database. This helps department approver verify that Courses and the appointment request are in sync.
  • Approvals are displayed in chronological order. Previously they were reversed with the intent of putting the currently needed approval at the top. But chronological provides a more intuitive picture of what is happening with the appointment request.
  • Submitted at date is displayed in red on the home page when it is more that two business days past. The goal is to resolve hiring requests within two days and this will highlight requests that are behind schedule.
  • Administrative Delete option is given to users with admin role in the Cancel page. This option completely deletes all record of an Appointment Request from the system and will only be used when a request was created in error.
  • HR Review form allows entry of HR approval on same page. After completing HR Review form user is returned to home page of hiring database.
  • (Fixed) Manually adding an Approval request with type "Fiscal" got created as type "Department".
  • (Fixed) Create new note within a section (Courses, Budgets, etc) had routing bug.


  • (Complete) Employee data load now imports preferred names from centrall UW HR data. This allows our system to display the names users, faculty, and staff have entered as their preferred name using MyUW.


  • (Complete) Update program interest list for current college area organization. This interest list is displayed on the public "About Yourself" form that prospective students can access from college website.
  • (Fixed) The calendar date picker UI element was displaying eight day weeks. 
  • (Complete) Implement a build pipeline for pre-processing JavaScript and CSS assets. This allows use of more modern tooling and better organization of source file.