Technology Center

January 11, 2021

Cycle 123

Paul Hanisko

12/14/2020 – 1/8/2021

Work Complete

Applicant Review

  • (Fixed) Basic Skills test scores were being displayed twice if an applicant had multiple applications with expected certifications.
  • (Complete) Add Submitted date to the Application Incomplete report table view.
  • (Complete) User may delete their own Rubric Score up to the point they mark it complete.
  • (Complete) Revised the Rubric build tool so the edit field for evaluation ratings is a reasonable size for the content. Previously when you clicked to edit a rating a tiny text area field was provided.
  • (Complete) Strip illegal operating system characters from attachment filenames. It was possible for applicants and recommenders to include characters in attachment filenames that could not be used when a review tried to download the file to their local Windows or Mac computer (e.g. /\:). If those characters appear, we replace them with an _ underscore before providing a download.
  • (Complete) Activate IR Coding tool. This allows the Institutional Research office to add hand coded fields for application reporting. Made several improvements to streamline the hand-coding process.


  • (Complete) Add Room Preference Status report. This shows all the offerings for a particular quarter where the instructor has not yet entered their Room Preferences. This report helps Curriculum Coordinator send follow up emails to a targeted list.
  • (Complete) Automatically create and assign Wildcard Titles for courses that historically had different names. This was a long term need, but became immediately urgent for the major revision to curriculum for Measurement & Statistics.
  • (Complete) Deploy OnCourse to production, start automated nightly updates. OnCourse is next major version of the Courses database, still in early development. To provide better historical Course information in our existing Courses database we are using the data from OnCourse. Separate Courses database nightly update of curriculum data from UW Student Web Service. Update from OnCourse.


  • (90% Complete) Several updates are pending user acceptance in NARF including cancel links during creation, request counts on section nav links, date sent field for the new sexual misconduct form, and a top submitter report. Details will follow on release.


  • (Complete) Show supervisor for positions in the Person database. Import this information with Person nightly updates from the EDW. Person database is used to manage college database authorizations and supervisor helps understand who users are and who to contact with questions.


  • (Complete) Made several improvements to the Institution record editing tools to allow IR Office to maintain this data and support PESB reporting. Identify institutions as WA Public Schools, this impacts what records get reported and what properties must be research (e.g. OSPI Building Code). Allow selection of WA School District. Allow delete and merge of institution records.
  • (Complete) Provide a button that copies all of the certification requirements and test score evidence configuration from the “First Issue” certificate type to the “Emergency” certificate type.
  • (Complete) The mentor search tool searches email field as well as name.


  • (Complete) Upgrade JavaScript build tooling for all (8) college database projects. One of our core build tools (laravel-mix) has moved to a new major version that has a different interface for major libraries. We have updated all college database projects to use the same library versions and setup routines.
  • (Complete) Prune old and backup tables. In data model migrations we sometimes leave copies of old data in case anything goes wrong. We’ve gone through and cleaned out this old, now redundant, data.