Technology Center

January 27, 2021

Cycle 124

Paul Hanisko

1/11/2021 – 1/22/2021

Work Complete


  • (Complete) Add a Cancel link to each step in the request creation process. This allows a user to easily cancel their request at any point.
  • (Complete) Add request count in badges on the home page jump navigation. The count shows the number of requests listed in the relevant section further down the page. The jump navigation shows when the current user has 3 or more sections visible on the home page.
  • (Complete) Add prompt for Sexual Misconduct Declaration form. Requester is required to enter the date this form was sent when requesting New Employee or Rehire for Student employees.
  • (Complete) Add report of Top Submitters. This report give HR/P team overview of activity in the system.


  • (Complete) Update central Person Authorization logging so that all college database report user authorization changes centrally. This central view supports administration of the >1,000 users in our college databases.


  • (Complete) Import Institution (schools) data from WA State OSPI.
  • (Complete) Import WA Public Schools employee data from WA State OSPI. These records are imported as Career records when they match our students.


  • (Complete) Implement a Test Environment warning consistently across all college databases. These warnings appear when a user visits a college database application on our Development or Staging servers. Initial warning in pop-up modal. That modal can be dismissed for the user’s session. Even after the modal is dismissed a red Test Environment flag sticks at the top left of the window.