Technology Center

December 14, 2020

Cycle 122

Paul Hanisko

11/30/2020 – 12/11/2020

Work Complete

Add Codes

  • (Complete) Launched new Add Codes form that gathers structured input from students requesting to enroll in COE practicum and internship sections. This system prompts the student for details based on course and initiates an email to (Replaces legacy “Practicum” form.)

Applicant Review

  • (Complete) Internal Graduate Applications allows Student Services to create new application records visible to reviewers. We use these for current students who are continuing to additional degree programs or changing major.
  • (Fixed) When changing the report parameter for Period (e.g. Year and Quarter) the modified adjusted parameters are no longer displayed twice.
  • (Complete) When sending email using a template that includes Advisor name, applicants that don’t have an advisor assigned cannot be selected as recipients.
  • (Complete) Remove MyGrad ProgID (Application Profile identifier) from structural data model. We still track what MyGrad application profile an applicant used, but this is an optional annotation to the application record. This change allows us to better support purely internal applications.


  • (Complete) Revised student milestones for ECFS program.

Test Scores

  • (Complete) Added a Match All maintenance routine. Test Score system regularly searches for matching student and applications for test scores imported in recent months. This version of the routine search all unmatched test scores in the system, useful especially during Teacher Education application cycles.

TREQ – Travel & Requisitions

  • (Complete) In print view task title is always displayed. (Previously completed tasks just showed type of task, who completed it, and when.)
  • (Complete) In Pending Task report the title of the pending task is used as the overall status of the order. This provides more specific explanation of order status at the list view. We made this change to better support tracking “Confirm Receipt” tasks.

In Development


(50% complete) We are building automated data feeds to support the fiscal team’s budgeting tool: Axiom. Daily extract was updated to include Starting Balance amount for relevant budgets.

Faculty Effort Report

(80% complete) This tool will facilitate generation and approval of faculty pay allocations outside of home budgets. Recent work includes tools to manage the faculty list, adding inline help, and refining the user interface.