Technology Center

December 1, 2020

Cycle 121

Paul Hanisko

11/9/2020 – 11/24/2020

Work Complete

Applicant Review

  • (Fixed) Resolved a bug that happened when an Apply Portal application step was both an alias and an archived step. The Apply Portal configuration tries to simplify or hide old configuration options to make configuring new cycles easier.
  • (Complete) Created a program list (identified by UW Major Abbreviation + Pathway Code) and moved the Grad School ProgID (which correlates with program but actually describes what application profile an applicant filled out) to its own record. This cleans up denormalized data and prepares for future requirement: create internal applications.


  • (Complete) Added Modality field to Courses, replacing Asynchronous. This field describes the delivery strategy for a course section. We remodeled this field because 1. it represents both synchronous / asynchronous but also remote / in-person, 2. UW has provided official definitions to be used in UW Time Schedule, 3. to represent when we still need response from instructor.
  • (Complete) Editing an instructor’s name now updates all the course sections where that person is instructor. To provide the simple instructor listing in tables views (example “Jane Doe +2”) the multiple instructors model is processes and an instructor short description is created per course section. These instructor short descriptions need to be regenerated when a name is changed.

Test Score

  • (Complete) Reworked test score matching tool to make it more readable. Search tool is highlighted. Test score person data is presented in alignment with same fields from COE applicant/student data. Removed the SSN partial fields which are sensitive data and not used in the person matching logic.
  • (Fixed) Process that matches “recently” added test score to person records was using the wrong comparison and trying to match old records instead of recent records.


  • (Fixed) Placements download CSV spreadsheet was not working.

In Development


(50% complete) We are building automated data feeds to support the fiscal team’s budgeting tool: Axiom. Using a daily schedule job, our system extracts relevant records from the UW Enterprise Data Warehouse and transforms it to the representation required by Axiom, including adding custom organizational structure. This generates daily data files that are collected and loaded by Axiom.

Faculty Effort Report

(80% complete) This tool will facilitate generation and approval of faculty pay allocations outside of home budgets. Recent work includes email notifications for approvals and a toggle view that allows user to see just the exceptional allocations or switch to a view that includes distributions to home budget.