Technology Center

November 10, 2020

Cycle 120

Paul Hanisko

10/19/2020 – 11/6/2020

Work Complete

Applicant Review

  • (Complete) Add check for Advisor field when sending applicant emails. During the send email process, if you choose applicants that have no Advisor assigned, email templates that have Advisor mail merge fields will be disabled options.


  • (Complete) Add checkbox where HR/Payroll team can indicate an Appointment Letter was not needed for this position. Change all Appointment types to include Letter step in workflow, HR/Payroll team will specifically review and indicate where Letter step was not required.


  • (Fixed) Student search works for students with spaces in their first or last name. Previously you could not search by the second word.
  • (Complete) Report for ECO that shows students who have not been assigned to any ECO Internships cohort group. This report is linked on the Cohorts page in the ECO section.
  • (Complete) Manually created Group index. Cohorts index page now has a second section that links to manually created groups not associated with a program cohort.
  • (Complete) Manually created Groups can be associated with a program cohort. For example you can make a Group manually and edit it to show up under the ECO section on the Cohorts page.
  • (Complete) Add test scores from SDB within Certification tools. Button searches UW official data for ACT/SAT test scores and imports into the local college database.
  • (Complete) Update the student placement record and form for Educational Psychologist internships. Add a field for “Indirect Contact Hours”. This field is only used for EDPSY placements.
  • (Complete) Add ability to return user to the student detail page scrolled to a specific section with that section expanded. This should provide a better user experience when editing records like Placements and Certification.
  • (Complete) Add form for creating and editing Career records in Student database. This record used to be a type of Placement record, but has been separated into its own record type.


  • (Fixed) Search that returns an Order that is not yet submitted was breaking the search results view. This is fixed.
  • (Fixed) In the Items tool, the pencil icon next to amount was a dead link. This is fixed and clicking any of the pencil icons opens the Item edit tool with the clicked field active.


  • (Complete) Convert the user testing and support feature (whoami) in the EDUC database to work consistently with other college databases.
  • (Complete) Move all college database source code repositories to a College of Education shared repository. This makes projects easier to browse and simplifies user management. It involved moving repositories, updating deployment system, and updating cross project references.
  • (Complete) Upgrade all projects to Laravel 8 and its related dependency versions.