Technology Center

September 21, 2020

Cycle 117

Paul Hanisko

8/24/2020 – 9/18/2020

Work Complete

Apply Portal

  • (Complete) Add new essay questions for the ECFS and ECO applications. Reworked the applicant view of the application forms to make the steps prettier and clearer. Improve the help pages. Restructured the faculty/reviewer view in Appreview for undergraduate applications to better display important application material, including the new essay questions. Improved the Apply Portal configuration tool, clearly label Apply steps that are related to specific programs.


  • (Fixed) Changing an application’s decision now refreshes the icon and color coding in the workflow bar right away.


  • (40% Complete) Work continues on new Budgets database feature to provide Faculty Effort reporting with a review and approval workflow. Budget Allocation forms are created and views added to see those Allocations in the context of a faculty or in the context of a budget. Started system to snapshot allocations for a specific report.


  • (Complete) Add a front page indicator that says when an Appointment Requests has notes. These frequently are requests that are held up or need special handling. The indicator is a yellow badge at the right edge with the number of notes.
  • (Complete) Change quarter logic to payroll dates. The “Other Requests” section that shows on an Appointment Request detail page assumed the upcoming quarter was the “current quarter” too soon, especially between Summer and Autumn. This lets other appointments for a worker stay visible longer.


  • (Complete) Remove student search suggestions. This was meant to be a helpful suggest-as-you-type, but poor suggestion results and cursor trapping caused it to hide actual full search results.
  • (Complete) Add validation to forms with file upload fields to avoid the form being submitted before user selected a file.
  • (Complete) Add file validation to handle unexpected errors using the student Husky Card photos.


  • (? LAUNCHED!) The college’s new Travel & Requisitions went live on September 1.
  • (Complete) TREQ now has an “Advanced Search” that allows users to target specific fields, similar to search in Purchase Path.
  • (Complete) Added a front page indicator that an Order is in the “On Call” queue. These are shared responsibilities, brought to the groups attention or handle by next available support resource.
  • (Complete) Added a report of Orders by user. This view will show Creating, Complete, Canceled as well as Orders still in progress. This is largely a support tool used by the fiscal team.
  • (Complete) Add Pending Email report and log. TREQ sends email notifications on a delay to reduce unneeded emails. This report allows fiscal team to see status of the notification system.
  • (Complete) Add reports that show projects ready to be closed and OneDrive folders ready to be deleted. Used by fiscal team to manage TREQ order lifecycle.