Technology Center

October 6, 2020

Cycle 118

Paul Hanisko

9/21/2020 – 10/2/2020

I use this blog space to share updates to the college databases. This post is a little light in that area since we’ve committed a substantial amount of time supporting our Axiom implementation. This will be a 3rd party system to provide robust budget planning and reporting tools. Our part in this process is providing institutional data that will stand up the Axiom instance.

We are also continuing to build the Faculty Effort tool in the budgets database. This system will provide simpler tools for the fiscal office to track budget allocations for faculty pay and provide tools for generating snapshot reports and getting review and approvals.

Work Complete


  • (50% Complete) Work continues on Faculty Effort feature. Initial implementation of Approval system with automatic assignment based on budgets. Added logic for “payroll home budget” automatically being assigned to unallocated amounts. Refine display of previous reports to pick the “current” report for any given faculty + time period.


  • (Complete) Fixed previous advisor field. This field is displayed when looking at the record for a student that completed their program. However when student’s record included their majors from other UW units, we didn’t have a complete record which was mistakenly hiding the previous advisor field.

TREQ Travel & Requisitions

  • (Complete) Add message to Not Authorized page with instructions about requesting access through
  • (Complete) Add counts for specific buckets in Pending Tasks section. Break down this list by Department Approvals, Budget Approvals, and Tasks. For each count breakdown, we’ve added a report of the specific orders.