Technology Center

August 31, 2020

Cycle 116

Paul Hanisko

8/10/2020 – 8/21/2020

Work Complete


  • (Complete) The college Budgets database has been extracted to its own project. This allows for easier upgrade and deployment without impacting other systems. We have taken advantage of this to upgrade its UI framework and form handling subsystem. This also opens our path toward development on new Budget/Fiscal features.

NARF (Hiring)

  • (Complete) Improve search bar, slide-down-dialog, behavior. The search used to cause browser recent suggestions to appear on top of the search input and it hid itself automatically when it lost focus. These behaviors have been cleaned up.

TREQ (Travel & Requisitions)

(99% Complete) TREQ is on schedule to go live September 1, when it will replace Purchase Path as the college’s fiscal request tracking system.

  • Fixed Sent Back orders were displayed as “Creating” on home page report.
  • Added “Items” as a step in order creation for the “Pay an Invoice” order type.
  • Removed “Ariba” label on the external Reference # input. We will use this field to track Ariba references, but also ProCard, ITC, etc.
  • Add Tax Helper for items. This tools automatically subtotals all other items and multiplies that subtotal by the Seattle sales tax rate. But both the subtotal and tax rate can be modified or the tax amount entered directly.
  • Added page that provides additional explanation of the Order Types including expanded definition and common examples of each type.
  • Add report of all Orders with Gift Cards.
  • Add report of all Orders with Food.
  • Add report showing pending tasks / approvals by user the task is waiting for.
  • Changed Gift Card prompt to “Research Subject Payment” (RSP). Gift Cards is one payment method for RSP, checks is the other.
  • Add section jump links with counters at the top of the home page.
  • Fixed hard coded dates appearing in Travel Items form.


  • (Fixed) It was possible to submit the Add Student to Group form without selecting a group which caused an uncaught error. The form is updated to validate and provide useful help message.