Technology Center

August 10, 2020

Cycle 115

Paul Hanisko

7/27/2020 – 8/7/2020

Work Complete


  • (Complete) Add Asynchronous field to course offering plan record. This is an additional internal plan field to help the college understand and communicate how courses are operating during the COVID Recovery period. Provide admin edit page to explain and change this value.
  • (Complete) Rework Review Plan tool. This tool helps instructors review and approve the plan for their course offerings and to enter Room Schedule Preferences. Moved this tool to its own page to keep focus on relevant information. Cleaned up presentation of course offerings to make it easier to read and fit better on various screen sizes. Re-implemented review forms so they appear in a single place in a readable linear layout. Added Asynchronous form as a step in Review Plan process. Removed the comment field (this was rarely used and didn’t have a well established workflow behind it), added instructions to send email for changes.


  • (Complete) New Employee Feature. Add flags to home page view, highlight appointment requests where worker is new employee or rehire. Add New Employee Report showing workers with new employee flag that are starting in the current time frame.  Add New Hire Orientation to HR Processes section, allow date to be entered when this step was resolved.

Test Scores

  • (Fixed) SAT basic skills scores were showing up without pass/fail evaluation. Review ACT/SAT pass/fail evaluation system. Add new UW score coding to our system.

In Development

These projects are being worked on, but are not yet in systems of record in production. If you have interest in these projects let me know and we can set up and demo and/or requirements gathering meeting.

TREQ – Travel & Requisitions

(97% To Release) Demos, training, testing continues on the new Travel & Requisitions application. The fiscal team is working on support material. We are on track for a general release in early September.

  • (Complete) Reorder Per Diem links. The more useful link is now first and has a simple label. The link to the UW Travel Policy document is moved to end and has a more specific label.
  • (Complete) Reorder the folder name suggestion, TREQ00099, and OneDrive button. Change labels on these elements so it is easier for user to understand they should copy folder name before going to OneDrive.
  • (Complete) Clean up user permissions on Tasks. Some buttons were made available at wrong times.
  • (Complete) Close Project button now updates when Tasks are modified. Interacting with Tasks can cause the Order to be Complete, at which point the Close Project button becomes usable without needing to refresh page.
  • (Complete) Change application menu to display as single vertical stack. Add menu items for Home page and About so the menu is not empty, regardless of user permissions.


(50% To Release) We have new projects coming to help the fiscal team provide you more accessible information. To facilitate this we are moving the “Budgets” college database into its own project (it currently lives within our large general college EDUC database). Making Budgets its own project simplifies our development and deployment processes and gives us a good space to build new tools.

  • (Complete) Migrate Budget related concepts to their own database schema.
  • (Complete) Get existing Budget database pages working in the new system. Migrate routes, controllers, views.
  • (Complete) Remodel Person (an EDUC database concept) to Budget Contact. Implemented system where Budget Contact can be updated from EDUC, indirectly from UW institutional person records.
  • (Complete) Get nightly maintenance updates
  • (Complete) Convert to Bootstrap 4.

On Course

(2% To Release) We are working on a refresh of the Courses college database. Goals of the refresh:

  1. Modernize the code base so it is easier to work on and more reliable.
  2. Fix the data structure to make enhancements possible (e.g. Courses, Joint Sections).
  3. Move to standard terminology and use that consistently. (e.g. Section instead of Offering)
  4. Make the user interface prettier, easier to understand and easier to use.
  5. Provide more action oriented interfaces (this needs review, follow up). Do more to facilitate communication between actors in the course planning and time schedule construction process.

Work completed this cycle.

  • (Complete) Implement new model for course curriculum that gives us a place for grouping comparable sections (e.g. Wildcards) while correctly attaching UW Curriculum data (which changes over time).
  • (Complete) Build a maintenance process that imports official UW Curriculum data and updates the On Course data model. Run this update from the UW EDW instead of the Student Web Service. This process runs in seconds on On Course, takes several minutes in Courses, and has access to new useful fields.