Technology Center

July 27, 2020

Cycle 114

Paul Hanisko

July 13 – 24, 2020

Work Complete


  • (Complete) Revise the header and review progress bar that appears at the top of the application detail page. This revision makes the page tidier and highlights important properties and the overall status of the application at a glance.
  • (Complete) Email templates can be archived. Email templates, used to send email to applicants, have built up over the years of system use. Administrative users may now mark templates as archived which removes them from most views, but allows then to be recovered or viewed if needed.
  • (Complete) When a user creates a new Rubric as a copy of an existing Rubric they are listed as the Creator of the new Rubric (previously it would copy the source’s creator).
  • (Complete) Remove old comment implementation. Recent features in Appreview and Student have implement subject specific Notes fields. The shared comment store is no longer used and the related database schema and code has been deleted from the project.


  • (Complete) Fix minor error that was causing debug messages to appear on administrative web page. Software upgrade caused a previously silenced warning to generate visible warnings.


  • (Complete) Fix the tool to add faculty as Advisors in Student. Removed the appointment type field, this supported a report no longer provide and the field is better sourced from UW institutional data.

TREQ – Travel & Requisitions

(95% Complete) Progress continues polishing TREQ and moving toward a launch. Thank you to faculty and staff who have helped us test the system and provided invaluable feedback: Lynn D, Michael L, Paul M, plus the team in the fiscal office!

  • Suggest the Department Approver based on Business Contact in the college Budgets Database.
  • Reformat Create Project / Trip page so that help can be displayed side by side with form.
  • Assign Project’s OneDrive folder during order creation. Make Upload Files an order creation step for every order type.
  • Add a copy button to the suggested folder name, make it easier to create the right folder in OneDrive.
  • The “Travel Reimbursement” button on the home page checks if the user has any existing trips with Pre-Authorization that are still open and suggests adding new reimbursement request to those existing trips.
  • Add Help to the budget entry tool.


  • (Complete) Fix a life cycle problem in our HTML Form handling library that appeared when using the form as a back end for API requests. Form error messages failed to be cleared.
  • (Complete) Upgrade the college techwiki to current version of its software. Remove the coewiki, this content has now been migrated to other systems, generally the main college website.
  • (Complete) Set up GitHub Organization for COE Technology. GitHub is now UW’s preferred vendor for remote version control repositories and UW maintains a site license and creates delegated Organizations helping with branding and ownership issues. We have done the administrative and technical setup of our GitHub organization and will being migrating repositories.
  • (Complete) Additional package upgrades in multiple projects, following upgrade to PHP 7.4.