Technology Center

July 13, 2020

Cycle 113

Paul Hanisko

Work Complete

7/6/2020 – 7/17/2020

Applicant Review

  • (Complete) Fixed an administrative tool for configuring prerequisites per teacher certification endorsement subject. Clicking an existing item was not properly loading it into the Edit/Delete form.

Test Scores

  • (Complete) Fixed an administrative tool for configuring test scores as evidence of proficiency for teacher certification. Clicking an existing requirement failed to provide access to that requirement’s evidence rules.


  • (90% to launch) Our major college database project the last few months has been a new system we are branding TREQ (Travel + Requisitions). Our goal is to provide a streamlined tool for approval and service requests with the college’s fiscal team. A major workflow this system will support is Travel Pre-Authorization and Reimbursement. We expect to have TREQ generally available for college faculty and staff by the end of July.


  • (Complete) Upgraded EDUC project (Appreview, Student, Budgets) to Laravel 7. Upgraded dependencies. Applied updates to all server environments.
  • (Complete) Fix several bugs with our internal library for HTML form support. Fixes for changing input labels, marking and validating required fields.
  • (Complete) Upgraded college web servers to PHP 7.4.
  • (Complete) Reviewed version control systems and select a provider and organizational strategy going forward. This was instigated by UW site license with GitHub and technology team changes.