Technology Center

January 27, 2020

Cycle 111

Paul Hanisko

12/30/2019 – 1/24/2020

Work Complete

Applicant Review

  • (Complete) Delete rubric score was (working, but) displaying an error message. This has been corrected.


  • (Complete) Add placements view by Cohort. This new report includes all students in a given cohort and all placements for those students that occurred while the student was enrolled in the cohort major. This view helps program directors review and update their placement records for student teaching.
  • (Fixed) Program completes are now correctly represented on list views of students. Programs where students may successfully finish a program without earning a UW degree (example: Danforth) may enter “Program Complete” in the college Student database. Previously these completes appeared on the student detail page, but not on pages that have a table list of students with a status column.
  • (Complete) WA State Teacher Certificate number is included on Mentor Payment report.
  • (Complete) Added search tool to placement mentor list.
  • (Complete) Added tools to create new Cohort instances (student groups) from the Cohort Settings page. Most Cohort are automated rules which create and populate new Cohort instances. A few Cohort types do not have rules and groups must be created and populated by staff.


  • (Fix) Authorization request log helper once again provides default log messages.

Test Scores

  • (Complete) Rework test score import preview to display the source record adjacent to its parsed import record preview. Previously all of the source records were displayed in a table, then all of the import previews followed. New view is easier to spot check.


  • (Fixed) Other database menu (click COE logo in upper right of any college database) always took user to an About page. Now, if user clicks menu from a context where they are logged in and they have permission on the target system they are taken directly to their destination.