Technology Center

March 2, 2020

Cycle 112

Paul Hanisko

Travel & Requisitions

I’ve started a new project to faciltate requests relating to travel and requisitions.

The goal is to take workflows and user interface that we worked out for appointment requests in the NARF project and apply them to travel and purchasing. Our goal is create a clear and focused form that uses our institutional data to provide help and sensible defaults.

Currently we are iterating through prototypes with the fiscal team, deciding what the core required fields of a request and developing processes to handle requests.

Work Complete

Applicant Review

  • (Complete) Fix error in rubric score administration.


  • (Complete) Add placement view by cohort. This new tool is intended to help program directors and administors maintain placement records. It shows a list of all students in a given cohort and all placements associated with those students while they were enrolled in the cohort major.
  • (Complete) Fix program completes were not represented on student list views. System automatically displays degree earned information from official UW record, but we also provide a way to record when students successfully complete a program without earning a UW degree. These “Program Complete” records were displaying correctly on the individual student record, but were not represented in the “Latest Status” column shown on table views of multiple students.
  • (Complete) Add tools for creating Cohort Groups. While most of the cohort configurations in our college Student database include rules to automatically create and populate individual cohort groups a few must be populated manually. This change allows program administrators to create cohort instances as needed.
  • (Complete) Mentor search. In the Placements section, the Mentors index page show a list of mentors in placements over the recent year. There is a search field at the top of that page that can be used to search for specific mentors, including mentors from older placements.
  • (Complete) Add WA Certificate numbers to mentor payment report. This helps with payment processing and provides another opportunity to review missing data for end-of-year PESB reporting.
  • (Complete) Fix save mentor displayed error. Mentor was saving correctly but redirecting to invalid URL.
  • (Complete) Authorization request log updated for generated unique HTML id system.

Test Scores

  • (Complete) Clean up import preview. Administrative interface supports importing test scores from agency provided data files. Previous version displayed the entire import file followed by list of import previews. This was hard to spot check without scrolling back and forth. Now import tool shows one agency record followed by its import preview, then the next agency record, …


  • (Complete) Fixed other database menu always went to About page. Clicking the COE or W logo in upper right of a college database shows a menu of all college databases. Intended behavior is that menu leads directly to the target database if the user is logged in and authorized, otherwise to an About page
  • (Complete) Upgrade third party libraries.