Technology Center

December 30, 2019

Cycle 110

Paul Hanisko


Last few weeks have include substantial work on Placement data in the college Student database. I’ve also been doing early stage work on a couple of new projects:

  • Update to the college Course Planning database that will modernize the user interface and make the back-end synchronize processes more robust.
  • Prototype of a system to handle travel approval and reimbursement requests.

Work Complete


  • (85% complete) Major reworking of Placement tooling. See the Placements Revision article for details.
  • (Complete) PESB bulk update tool has log last Weeks, Hours, Experience applied to a given quarter.
  • (Fixed) Bug was causing multiple Tracked Issue records to be created in Student database based on Tracked Issues in Applicant Review.

Test Scores

  • (Complete) System chooses what ACT and SAT test types to import from UW Data Warehouse based on certification requirement rules, adding a new rule will cause the rule’s test variant (assessment) to be imported into local college database and available on Basic Skills and Certification tools.
  • (Complete) Add new SAT test types.