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August 15, 2022

College Database Updates 128

Paul Hanisko

July 1, 2022 – August 12, 2022

Applicant Review

  • (Complete) Better large upload warning and errors. Uploading attachments to Applicant Review or Student that were larger than the system’s 5MB limit used to trigger generic 500 errors. We have added validation that warns the user immediately when a large file is selected and provide a specific error message if the large file is uploaded anyway.
  • (Complete) New report showing graduate applications started. Like other reports this can be filtered by specific programs. This is based on new web service provided by the Graduate School.
  • (Complete) New implementation of decision entry. This new version makes decision status plainly visible to reviewers and administrators. Additionally, it opens new workflows for decision entry and prepares data for use in Slate to support recruiting efforts.
  • (Complete) Added a separate add-on permission for entering provisional decisions.
  • (Complete) Converted EDUC project (includes Applicant Review and Student) to system font stack. This font strategy attempts to prioritize the user’s OS font (Windows font or MacOS font) which provides a more modern and scalable application feel.
  • (Complete) User main role is now radio buttons enforcing a single role selection per user. Add-on roles are still checkboxes where multiple can be selected.
  • (Complete) Remove explanation text field from Apply Portal prerequisite step.
  • (Fixed) The bookmark component is fixed so the dialog box text is aligned left.


  • (Complete) Add tooling to track budget reconciliation work.

CL Effort Tool

  • (Complete) Added report filter checkbox which allows user to see ended allocations.
  • (Complete) Remove project leads from change approval workflow.


  • (Fixed) Onboarding request form formats empty values correctly for FreshService API.


  • (Complete) Room needs missing can be downloaded as CSV spreadsheet. This report provides a list of instructors on sections where no room needs have been provided.
  • (Complete) When adding joint sections in the Plan a Quarter tool both the added section and its sibling section will be updated to display as joint sections.
  • (Fixed) The “Not Online” report filter now correctly includes all sections with that status. Sections with non-standard coding were hidden when that report filter was active.
  • (Fixed) Person records created from Student Web Service has first and last name assigned correctly.
  • (Complete) It is now possible to search for two letter person names. Previously two letter search terms were only compared to section letters.
  • (Fixed) Selecting two tags in report filters no longer causes sections to be listed twice.
  • (Fixed) Accepting open credits (1-25) from UWTS data to local plan was broken.


  • (Complete) Registration search on student detail page now searches two quarters: the current in-progress quarter and the next upcoming quarter.
  • (Complete) Refactored student completes to simplify record and eliminate conflicting values. Features added over time (program complete with no degree, expected completes) had introduced duplicate status properties that caused incorrect behaviors in reporting.
  • (Complete) The completed student report now excludes non-COE majors. Student’s non-COE majors are visible when you view the student detail page, but the report list page only includes rows for COE major.


  • (Complete) Refine food policy tool: improve description and instructions, display warning on non-food budget numbers in red.
  • (Fixed) Clicking “User” label in user edit form now check the matching radio checkbox.


  • (Complete) Upgraded all projects to Laravel 9.