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July 1, 2022

College Database Updates 127

Paul Hanisko

We’ve changed this blog post title to be clearer: “College Database Updates”. This post is a catch up, focusing on significant user facing changes over several months.

Applicant Review

  • Added Apply Portal question for current or transfering UW student.
  • Applicant can delete a school / institution when creating their Apply Portal application.
  • Applicant Intent (whether an admitted applicant intends to enroll) is available as a report filter.
  • Refine report filter for decisions, add “Final Decision Entered”.
  • Add report dashboards with funnel counts (applications > decisions > admits > enrolls) to home page and report pages. These dashboard can optionally display year-to-year comparisons.

CL OFEE (Effort)

  • New system launched that helps Cultivate Learning plan, review, and approve staff payroll allocations across various grant budgets. The tool is based on the college’s Faculty Effort tool, but has a different change and approval workflow.
  • Added support for cross unit (non-COE) budgets.


  • Change user authorizations so faculty always have access to review their effort reports.
  • Add Approval All shortcut to effort reports for cases where small changes are made to a report and fiscal manager does not want to re-collect approvals.


  • Send email notifications when an appointment request is canceled.
  • Send email to HR/P administrator when a person is added as an Approver, but the system cannot automatically authorize them.
  • Add “Advanced Search” system to NARF which allows for multiple custom reporting workflows.
  • Add CSV download link to reports in NARF.
  • Approve on Behalf is disabled for HR Approvals. Only user with HR role can provide this approval.
  • Adding a Budget Number to a request causes the “Approver for No Budgets” to be removed.


  • Fix authorization checks for editing sections. Authorization checks were applied when deciding whether to show a user links and form, but also needed to be applied consistently to post update requests.


  • People set as an advisor in Applicant Review will automatically be added as potential advisors in the Student Database.
  • Update all reports so that a count of records is included at the top of the data table.


  • Added a link from My Orders labeled “Show More” that provides 2 years of the current user’s order history. My Orders on home page includes 90 days.
  • Added Project Owner as a search field in the Advanced Search tool.
  • Reference Numbers (e.g. Ariba reference) can be deleted.
  • Added validation of numeric values only to the Quantity field in Items form.
  • Current biennium is a setting managed by system administrator, affects budget suggestions.
  • Added CSV download to Pending Tasks report.


  • All systems updated to use common error reporting system. This provides development team faster, proactive information about errors experienced by users.
  • Add input length validation to many fields across all systems. Older versions of our underlying databases would silently truncate input that was too long, our current database version now treats this as an error which is a safer response. We have gradually been moving this validation and error messages to our many existing forms.
  • Implement a logging system that automatically detects server environment and web request vs scheduled jobs and adjust logging strategies.