Technology Center

October 10, 2022

College Database Updates 129

Paul Hanisko

August 15, 2022 – October 7, 2022

Applicant Review

  • (Complete) Added application triage tools that will help Student Services and program administrators complete check-in of application material so reviewers get complete files.
  • (Complete) Added help article for Apply Portal that documents system and real-world workflows.
  • (Complete) Refine menu and report names for Undergraduate Applications Started and Graduate Applications Started. These reports are similar, but started applications are from different systems and have different properties and workflows.
  • (Complete) Add new program names to report filters. “Teacher Education and Teacher Learning for Justice” (EDUC 19) and “Culturally Sustaining Education” (EDUC 26). Also added these in Student database.
  • (Fixed) The new Unsubmitted Graduate Applications report was causing new application processing to be skipped. This resulted in missing review committees and initial certification. Fixed and missed applications have been reprocessed.

Faculty Mentoring

  • Started a new system to help faculty track mentoring relationships. This system was demonstrated during faculty retreat and will go live soon.


  • (Complete) Automatically search for matching student records on student appointment requests. Highlight students found in self-sustaining programs who may need special handling.
  • (Complete) Added a Department field (Miller, Cultivate, Haring, CEL) to appointment requests. This field will be completed by HR/P team during HR Review step and will be forward to Onboarding request in Technology ticket system.
  • (Complete) Change note times to absolute (10/10/22 10:19 AM) instead of relative (2 hours ago).
  • (Complete) Add download link to the authorized user list.


  • (Complete) Only Curriculum Manage can accept changes from the UWTS data to the local plan. Planners can still edit the plan using existing edit tools to make it correct.
  • (Complete) Added Course Variant Title and Summer Term fields to UWTS Entry screen.
  • (Complete) Sections that are added to faculty course releases can be marked as canceled. If sections are offered Area Chair may add appointment type of expected replacement.
  • (Complete) Course Release report now has tabs that show releases waiting for specific Dean approval.
  • (Complete) Person merge tool can be used to search for similar names using wildcards, no longer limited to records with exactly the same name.
  • (Fixed) Empty search request returns nothing instead of everything. What did the Zen Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor? Make me one with everything.


  • (Complete) Rework the MRBS user management tool to support bulk editing. Show whether user has current COE appointment.


  • (Complete) Add tool to support maintenance of ELS Minor group in UW Time Schedule. This allows registration to specific courses without add codes for students in the ELS Minor.
  • (Fixed) Cleared up several issues with the Mentor Payment report and moved it to the Placements menu.
  • (Fixed) Resolved a bug where specific reports could appear un-styled if you used the browser back button to return to them.


  • (Complete) When an order gets an automatic Department Approval, because there was a Pre-Authorization order, make sure the automatic approval is created and labeled correctly.
  • (90 %) Add food form and food policy statement so requesters no longer have to complete paper food forms along with orders.
  • (Complete) Added report and alert of people who need access. These are people who are assigned tasks, but could not be automatically authorized.
  • (Fixed) Faculty with end date still appearing in My Faculty.


  • (Complete) The new hire Data Agreement has been updated. Our agreement is simplified and focused. We also send new employees to the UW Data Agreement operated by the CISO.
  • (Complete) Copy to clipboard moved to modern, more secure, browser API.