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Panopto in Canvas

Record and share from your course

The Panopto Recordings link in your Canvas course takes you to your Panopto course folder. Here, you can create a new recording, manage and edit the settings of Panopto recordings you’ve made for the course, and open the Edit window if you want to make changes to a recording. Your students will see the recordings in this folder if the recordings are set to be available.

Insert directly into a Canvas page

If you want to present a Panopto recording in the context of other materials, instructions, or framing information, you can easily embed a Panopto recording in a Canvas page.

To do this, edit the Canvas page, place your cursor where you want the Panopto recording to appear, in relation to other text or media on the page, and click the Panopto icon. You’ll be prompted to select the recording, from your course folder (or another folder) that you want to insert. When you’ve selected the recording, you’ll see a few additional settings; the default settings should work well for most cases. Then, click Insert. Students will now be able to watch the recording without leaving the Canvas page.