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June 13, 2024

Working on Accessibility in Your Course? Start with TidyUp!

Aiden Sizemore

TidyUp by Cidilabs Icon

We’ve all done it – added dozens of files into the Canvas Files area of our course to provide content and supplements to our students. It is what the Files area is made for. But then as quarters go by and we change or add more content, the old files have a tendency to stick…

May 31, 2024

Canvas Tips: Prepping for Summer Quarter & Beyond!

Aiden Sizemore

Hello CoE Huskies!  We wanted to send a note because Summer quarter is just around the corner! You’ll note Summer and Autumn Canvas sites are already available to start working on in Canvas. You can locate them on your Canvas dashboard in the Unpublished Courses section.   If you would like assistance with prepping your Canvas sites, now is…

May 28, 2024

Canvas Discussions & Announcements Redesign Launching June 12th!

Aiden Sizemore

Hello CoE Huskies! On June 12th, UW-IT will implement the redesign of Canvas Discussion and Announcements! The redesigned discussions and announcements has all of the same functionality of classic discussions and announcements, with a new look and a few additional features. Discussions and Announcements Redesign: What’s New?  You can now: Use the split screen to…

March 1, 2024

Canvas Tips: Prepping for Spring Quarter

Aiden Sizemore

Hello CoE Huskies!  We wanted to send a note because Spring quarter is just around the corner! You’ll note Spring and Summer Canvas sites are already available to start working on in Canvas. You can locate them on your Canvas dashboard in the Unpublished Courses section.   If you would like assistance with prepping your Canvas…

February 11, 2022

College Database Updates 128

Paul Hanisko

Work Complete 1/24/22 – 2/11/22 Applicant Review (Complete) The Apply Committee tool (assign new committee members to existing applications) will not prune reviewers that have a reason other than “Committee”. For example, if you added a reviewer because they were “Mentioned by Applicant” they won’t be removed by Apply Committee. OnCourse (Complete) Student facing public…

December 3, 2021

Help UW-IT build a better website for tech tools, services & support

Yanko Michea

Have time to help make IT Connect better? IT Connect is the UW’s go-to website for info on tech tools, services and support. It is being reimagined and rebuilt to better serve the University. Help improve IT Connect for everyone! Visit the IT Connect user research page to volunteer for focus groups, card sorting and…

Improving Prospective Student Experience with our Website

Yanko Michea

Our website plays a vital role in interacting and engaging prospective students, and we want them to quickly find the program they are looking for. As part of this initiative, we will be working with Evolving Web (a consultant group with a significant portfolio in User Experience analysis) to improve our public website experience. We…

October 13, 2020

Practice caution with 3rd-party software

Yanko Michea

A message from Tom Lewis, Director of UW’s Academic Experience Design & Delivery: As we continue to work, teach, and do research remotely, UW-IT and the UW Privacy Office have seen an increase in vendors offering free or affordable solutions to our UW colleagues. While these offers may seem like great solutions, it is important…

May 28, 2020

Talking about socially distanced education…

Yanko Michea

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published a thoughtful article to help us to think about future strategies to develop healthy educational environments in this new socially distanced reality. The article summarizes different approaches from multiple educational institutions planning for fall.

May 15, 2020

EDUCAUSE fall planning survey results

Yanko Michea

EDUCAUSE published the results of a short national survey looking at higher ed institution’s response plans for the fall. Overall, institutions are preparing for multi-modal education, combining online with face-to-face models. Institutions are also looking at ways to improve faculty and student support and other services. If you want to learn more about this survey,…

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