Technology Center

October 15, 2018

Cycle 89

9/24/2018 – 10/12/2018

Work Complete

Applicant Review

  • (90% Complete) Personal application bookmarks in applicant review allow a reviewer to mark applications they want to return to, optionally adding a short note.
  • (Fixed) Applied rules for which Recommender records (from MyGrad) are shown. Hide "withdrawn" recommendations, show recommendations requested and not yet responded to.
  • (Complete) Administrative tool to delete an application. Can only be used on application entered by staff, can not delete applications entered by applicant themself.
  • (Changed) Rubric settings form can now be accessed from Rubric Preview tool. This allows an authorized user to change the Rubric expiration date after scores have been entered.
  • (Fixed) Assign reviewers tool has proper spacing and images for displaying current reviewers.
  • (Changed) When adding coursework requirements by teaching endorsement the course requirements are added as all complete and staff will un-check the courses that are incomplete.
  • (Fixed) Coursework requirements were displayed as links on application detail, but had no click functionality. Fixed formatting. Editing of these records is done from Certification and Requirements tool.
  • (Changed) Revise logic for ECO prerequisite deadline to match updated policy.


  • (Changed) Reschedule updates from UW EDW. Previous schedule was regularly overlapping with EDW maintenance, causing update to fail.


  • (Complete) Added better data entry tool for recording WA Certificate numbers and issued dates.
  • (Complete) Revised the display of periods on student placement records so that they display correctly based on placement data over type configuration. Placement types can specify placement period style (single quarter, start & end quarter, academic year, start & end dates) which controls the data entry form and influences the placement display. With the new revision a conflict between the type configuration and actual record data will be handled properly.
  • (Fixed) Student Husky card photo was sometimes displayed as missing image instead of silhouette placeholder.
  • (Fixed) Generated Placements can be deleted. Placements are generated when a student takes a course that is configured as a placement, practicum, internship. In some cases the student does not complete the course and therefore there is no placement. When these placements were deleted system would re-create them during next maintenance. This has been corrected.
  • (Fixed) Career import file includes rows with no WA Certificate number. These rows must be skipped when importing career data into student placement records.